Getting Here

The main carriers to Nicaragua are American Airlines through Miami, Delta Airlines through Atlanta and Continental Airlines through Houston. TACA, the airline of Central America also flies to Managua from many North American cities including Toronto.

Other airlines flying into Managua include Copa (Panama), Aeromexico, La Costeña (internal flights to Corn Island).

Tour operators can also sometimes offer direct seasonal charter flights (e.g. Nolitours or TMR from Montreal) to Managua and may be worth looking into.

Upon Arrival

We advise our guests not to arrive in Huehuete after dark, so we suggest that you overnight in Managua if your flight arrives later than 3:00 p.m. By the time you retrieve your luggage and arrange for transportation, you would miss the 6:00 sunset anyway.

Transportation: We offer transportation from the airport to our Quinta Mar y Estrellas, at a cost of US$100 (5-6 people). If you wish to avail yourself of this service, please make arrangements with us.

You may prefer to rent your own car: all major car rental companies have offices at the airport. We strongly suggest that you reserve ahead of time, and choose a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Taxis are available at the airport, these should be official licensed taxis. Ask an airport official in case of doubt.

Hotels: If you decide to spend the night in Managua, there are a number of international hotel chains to choose from, including Best Western Las Mercedes directly across from the airport. We recommend smaller boutique hotels with a more local character, such as Hotel Los Robles or Casa Naranja, both located in the Los Robles district of Managua (a 15-minute taxi ride).

Driving to Huehuete: The easiest route from Managua is via the Carretera Sur, one of Nicaragua's main highways which leads to Costa Rica. Approximately 45 kilometers from Managua, you arrive in Diriamba and look for the right turn towards the ocean, a small green sign says "La Boquita-Casares". Once you reach the roundabout at the ocean, turn left towards Casares. Just before entering Casares, veer left on a road made of paving stones and drive for about 15 minutes to the village of Huehuete. Just past Huehuete at a fork in the road, make your way up the hill (also of paving stones), drive straight ahead at the top and then turn right down the hill on a dirt road towards the sea, for about 500 meters. Quinta Mar y Estrellas has an orange tower that's hard to miss!

It gets dark (really dark!) early in Nicaragua: plan to arrive before 5:00pm so you can put your things away while it's still light, and then watch your first sunset at Quinta Mar y Estrellas with your favourite cocktail in hand!

Food and supplies: You will have to do your food shopping before you arrive, either in Managua or Granada if you are coming from there, or in Diriamba. The large supermarket chains are La Colonia and La Unión, and there are Palí grocery stores all over Nicaragua, including in Diriamba and Jinotepe. Palí has a more limited choice but is fine for a few days. In Managua, you will also find specialized grocery stores such as Bavaria, Don Pan and Stop & Go that offer specialty items, such as imported cheeses at Bavaria.

If you want fresh fish during your stay, meet the fishermen coming back with their catch in the acopios at Huehuete, Casares or La Boquita: red snapper (pargo rojo), bass, mackerel, curvina, langostas, you won't find any fresher and for a very reasonable price.

You will also find a limited selection of grocery items in Huehuete (at the pulpería at the bottom of the paved hill) and in Casares, 15 minutes away by car. The nearest pharmacy is in Casares and the closest hospital in Diriamba.